Aries please check this

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Aries please check this

Look if you want to believe it fine. Knock yourselves out. I actively have worked with a Microbiologist, Epidemiologist and Virologist on Cold/Flu prevention toothpaste. Coronavirus will kill you if you do not treat it with the respect that it deserves. Frankly there are a few of us that know it’s over a million dead if you feel these remedies, herbs, routines might help then yes why not.

I still love you

But if it’s in your area and you are not in full Biohazard gear

I will ream you out

Full on Biohazard gear? Humm guess my N95 mask isnt enough

I mean mask, goggles, gloves etc

Look thank you

Are there multiple strains…like waves of this

1st wave you may live and then 2nd wave gets your organs.

Staying in our house is better no?

Thoughts on raincoats? In lieu that biohazard suits are sold out, do you think is better than nothing for people that couldn’t acquire one?

Yes Alpha and Beta

Yes if you have to move we’d use actionable intelligence to tell you

The home depot one yes, with duct tape

But study the disinfectant chart

Before reentering your home

Just no on ponchos

The single one time use ones

Is there a disinfectant chart that is easier to read? Can we go over that?

I’m sorry I meant Decontamination Guide

We got the Dupont ones couple of months ago, but would like to have backups just in case. We have this one piece rainsuit, what do you think? It might be useful or just disregard and go straight to Home Depot to grab whatever is left? Thanks for sharing the knowledge

Each one has a different procedure (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical)

Works just remember to duct tape wrist and ankles

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What decontamination guide? The document about having red zones and green zones?

Alibaba’s new AI system can detect coronavirus in seconds with 96% accuracy

All hail our robot overlords! :smirk: