Aries "hope" is their new plan

Aries “hope” is their new plan

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from China has nationalized 3M and now prohibits 3M from exporting PPE to US - Peter Navarro

No CDC is fucked, look this should treated as a BioWeapon as an act of War

Not a big pandemic

Today’s “debate” seems about if this qualifies as a pandemic

Watch the videos you will see them falling right next to each other in parallel lines

That’s not found in nature

It’s engineered

CDC is going to fuck this up

You’ll see

DoD should be taking point


and do what? fire some missiles?

For containment declare Martial Law

In the pockets of infection that are to come

bio-weapon sounds like a crime. To be guilty of a crime, one needs:

  1. means
  2. motive
  3. opportunity

WTF would China unleash a bio-weapon on themselves?

This ain’t going away soon sadly.Asia is on lockdown. Won’t be long for Europe to catch up then the states


Go look at the footage

I mean really study it

yeah - lots of dramatic footage

that does not suggest a MOTIVE


Did they fuck up and it leaked out?

That is still unclear

But special units in WuHan with Type 95 rifles

Suggest they are hunting spreaders

that just proves it a big problem - not who or why

Chinese police and red arm bands are not given automatic rifles

I saw these videos too. There was no description accompanying them. They are very shocking indeed regarding how these ppl were brandishing their weapons. I do have to say that special police units do have type 95s. They were deployed during special times in the past eg new year in and around train stations and airports in their black “swat” gears. I used to see them in wuhan and other Chinese cities.

Thank you