aren't we fighting a virus?

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aren’t we fighting a virus?

I’m just answering her question on the pneumonia vaccine.

They are calling it a virus.

It’s a little confusing but to my understanding viruses can cause bacterial infections. Like pneumonia for example. Where as strictly a cold is just a bacterial infection typically.

I’m “assuming” your point.
You’re trying to prevent the complication of pneumonia?? :thinking:

I’m I correct?? Or is there another angle that I’m missing??

My point is… this “virus” attacks in a form of pneumonia, don’t we have a vaccine against that?

There are *many different types of pneumonia.

Different strains…

Thanks for the explanation!

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Completely agree with you. So pneumonia does affect young/elderly. So we are seeing some type of abnormal pneumonia.

I’ve seen people die from pneumonia and they don’t die like this. So it’s not that simple

Completely agree, but it doesn’t hurt to get the shot especially in young children that have it

Which shot???
For which type of pneumonia???
It’s not that simple. :raised_hand:t4:
Or I would be taking them all.
If I thought it would help.

I had the pneumonia shot and I’m still self-quarantining starting this weekend.

Wow. Just wow.

That’s nonsense

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Natalia this isn’t an “abnormal” pneumonia, it’s a new virus and so the way it attacks the body is all “abnormal”. My understanding is that people actually die of total organ failure not specifically pneumonia. Pneumonia is one piece and no vaccine that we have is going to treat this.

Wuhan’s Internet being down is the same as removing them from the planet.

Keep these tactics in mind, if it ever gets that contagious here it might be a tactic the USA uses too , maybe not as soon but potentially

It’s always advisable to create a shtf plan amongst family members or friends

Thank you…

Plan is my middle name…

A bunch of Hazmat suits are sold out on Amazon

Hey do we have an idea about the survivability of this thing in warm or humid climates?