Archontic Soul Trap

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I appreciate this. Especially #4 Instructions on separation from the matrix. Very much in alignment with other sources I have read. Also, the mention of consciously stepping off the wheel of Karma which we all have the power to do at any given time through our use of the power of will. Very good info for this group. Thanks for sharing.

When science separated itself from alchemy they did not reintegrate until quantum physics. That separation and reintegration is, in and of itself, alchemical. It set the world back.

Defined as “Woo Woo” in the white world as a method of suppression.

Yes. According to some, this was done with a much bigger plan in mind.

To keep you from looking where you’re not supposed to, otherwise you’d learn who you are and why you’re here and that you need a damn good escape plan. :wink:

Part of my story wow

Where we are with bitcoin currently

This is brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing this. :pray:t2:

You’re welcome :blush: Rachel

You’re welcome :blush:

When did this reintegration occur, just recently?

Still in process. Quantum theory has brought it full circle. And now you’re seeing tech performing alchemy, like the laser tech link M posted earlier today.

So this will fix all the wrong things in the world? Like the red wizard side will lose their grip? :grimacing::pray::grimacing::pray:

I wasn’t thinking that when I said it - just that we have been missing crucial pieces of study because science has limited to the material/five senses. I actually discussed something similar yesterday in meta. Look for the Narby post I made. :slight_smile: