Anyone know anything about this

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Anyone know anything about this

Yes, mother and baby in South Australia had both spent time in Iran recently, both confirmed with covid19 and both stable in hospital quarantine doing well.

It’s on all Australian media, sure 1 sec

Just like the flu they said

How many months should I prep for… What do you guys think?

Ive prepped for 3 but think is way to little

As many as is practical for your situation really. So many factors will likely come in to play.

Well I am south African… So for me a year won’t even be enough… :speak_no_evil:

Im also South Africa

I smell Corona… Covering for the fact they need access to emergency money…
The declaration makes available a range of powers to the government – and opens up the money tap.

As of Wednesday, South Africa is officially again in a state of national disaster because of drought.:point_left::point_left:

Is France still rioting? Is HongKong still protesting? The ppl around the world kicking up with their governments have all shut up and settled down.

I’ve sorted six months for nine ppl over three homes. As much as my budget will cope with. But I think three months in and we will have s better sense of where this is going. That will give me three months to problem solve before we are against the wall.

Anyone stopping to think that if this virus does cross the blood brain barrier like they believe it does and stay in the brain stem then we could be looking at a virus more contagious than the flu and as or more deadly than HIV.

Hallo… Have 4 months prep… At the moment… Thinking I should increase for another 2 to 3 months

Good idea. At minimum I think a person is going to need 6 months right now.

Thank you

Not sure if this was shared already…

It’s a chance with any virus as it mutates fast. But a very small chance of happening

South Africa as its first positive case. Link will follow