Any thoughts on Corona being connected as a front to get rid of citizens with unfavorable social credit scores?

Any thoughts on Corona being connected as a front to get rid of citizens with unfavorable social credit scores?

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In my opinion people that actually realize what this CCP government really is is still in the very minority of the population. I’d say less than 5% before the virus hit. I make that judgement from social media and online group chat in China. Most of the Chinese population enjoy their daily dose of brainwash. After the virus we might get an increase in the dissident numbers but still very very few. If the virus is really man made I lean toward an accidental leak than it being some kind of population control or smoke screen. They certainly enjoy having the virus as an excuse to detain people and that is confirmed by what happened to citizen journalists.

Take a look at acts against the US, sound familiar?

I’m not debating that 5G is bad. I’m saying it’s definitely not NOT an actual virus. Like come on

I gotcha. Its tough to substiante the downpour of data we are all collecting. Thats why groups like these are great ways to share ideas and test data for accuracy amongst the group members. Thanks @Aries for putting this together.

Ok, thanks. I do have a question. Have you guys looked into the John Hopkins Event 201 connection yet?

Some of us know Bill Gates it’s not an elite trying to thin out the herd conspiracy

I saw that today

Pandemic planning

Im trying to remain factual, its super easy to let your imagination run away with you when you see someone running a simulation of a Novel Coronavirus outbreak six weeks before a real one.

How about Netflix releasing pandemic in the same day

Pandemic the game was removed from chinese app stores lol

I no longer have Netflix so I missed that little tidbit.

And yes I did see the Documentary/Video collection which is what lead me here in the first place.

I’m considering acquiring some of the LifeStraw products for purifying water.

I noticed that, very strange .

So the official numbers coming from China are that the rate of new infections has dropped to almost nothing. Now everyone seems critical of the official numbers given China’s history with reporting financial information. Does anyone have any reliable data at what the actual numbers might look like?

Bottles so i can load a go bag and have hands free

Yes, I’ve been working in Bitcoin/Blockchain development for over 10 years, with many ties to the mainland. As well as a contributor to 2 Chinese news feeds. The TENCENT numbers that were leaked were just a glimpse into the horror of what was going on. While the public speculated it was under 500, we came to the realization that it was not 25,000 dead but that the TENCENT leak was merely one city/province. Since the true numbers are kept decentralized by the CCP. We had one source who reported in 2x once at 400,000 then again at 411,000 after going dark and not wanting to risk their lives. A week later a leak by a crematorium operator/plague doctor stated it was 250,000 x 2 you can scroll up To see the timeline. Right now I estimate we are between 800k to 850k deaths/cremations.

I very much doubt it is a conspiracy like that… but it is the most FUN conspiracy out there… and buying the mega yacht as a bug out plan the week it started getting covered is just too perfect

He deserves it. Unlike Jobs in which he prevented Apple bring involved with Non Profit Organizations. Bill has done much for the 3rd World through his foundation.

Que significa?

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