Any of the liberal leaning Silicon Valley tech companies will suppress the truth

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Any of the liberal leaning Silicon Valley tech companies will suppress the truth

Sadly we have to admit this

It’s in no ones benefit to create mass panic…most people are to unstable and riots and plundering can get far worse than the actual virus. Dog eat dog not good

I never ever lied :lying_face: to you

400,000 dead last Friday as I said

Today at 500,000 half a million dead

The source went dark on Saturday when the count was 411,000

Another confirmation tonight

We have to prepare

Is anyone seeing this

If the government is going to withhold information then we can’t make informed choices. I haven’t wanted to panic and keep kids home from school, or stay home from work, until there was a definite need… If I won’t be kept informed of how the situation is progressing then I don’t know what to do anymore.

You can start preparing

Even if it’s just spending a 100 dollars at the dollar store

Or 1k at Costco

I’ve spent alot on food already. Joined up to Costco just to do so.

just posted

Although their beans/lentils were lacking, so sourced them from Aldi


I’m still working on water.

And mask?

Learn from all the videos

I wasn’t convinced water would be needed, but better safe than sorry.

I don’t have masks

Many will fight the reality of what they are seeing

Better safe than sorry

get them now


Thinking of large PVC pipes converted into water storage

I’m not confident masks will protect people… But they may stop us from touching our faces so often.

it must be full face airborne and ocular transfer

How soon til we think the usa will be feeling this

It was clever of the CDC to rename the virus and coin a name for the disease. It splits the search terms 3 ways.