Antiseptic smoke human disinfection


Antiseptic smoke human disinfection

⤺ reposted by @TheWysard from If you have a certificate, you can go to the supermarket casually. Without a certificate, you can only stay home and eat high-priced dishes.

The thing with this is, you can disinfect only what’s on them. This will not help if you are already infected I feel.

What model? Does it work?

3/2 韓國當地時間下午2點,「新天地」會長李萬熙召開記者會做出自疫情后的首次發聲。期間89歲的李萬熙跪地道歉,他說:「儘管並非本意,但出現這麼多感染者,自己毫無顏面,向國民真心道歉。」


3/2 At 2 pm local time in Korea, “New World” Chairman Li Wanxi held a press conference to make his first voice since the epidemic. Li Wanxi, 89, knelt to apologize, saying, “Although it was not the original intention, but there were so many infected people, he had no face, and sincerely apologized to the people.”

The leader of the cult still knows shame and mistakes.

I was also asking this bc i have a dog - and i was wondering can i give that ozonated water to him, u know - Why not, i guess… Just want to be sure😊




#Young man without a job

These young people originally worked in Wuhan, but the epidemic came, there was no job to work, and they could not leave due to the closure of the city! Had to live on the street ~

Everyone is unkempt. I really think that even the three and the great gods are in a better situation than them. They are all children of poor people. They are honest people.

Good people send cakes, but the great party is gone ~

Can u link what model?

Dont know anything about this, gotta study

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It is crazy that u have to pay ur water.

or electric.

-Nikolai Tesla

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Okey noice - Do u know how the ozone is generated?

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Aries can u ask tomorrow ur friend about this - a turbine inside the device, is it safety way generated ?

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Aries have some metallurgist friend.

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Last week tonight about corona.
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I have one question: isn’t ozone poisonous?

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Look out for the article a journalist interviewing this guy gets cv !

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First case in New Delhi… 21,5 million people city