Antique Corona Clothes for Doctors!

Antique Corona Clothes for Doctors!

:white_small_square: These clothes are made of very thin, inexpensive material that has no special protection from the doctor against microbial and viral contamination and is made just like the original (outer space) isolates. :red_circle:لباسی تحت عنوان لباس ضد کرونا برای پزشکان !

:white_small_square:این لباس ها از جنس بسیار نازک و ارزان قیمت تهیه شده که هیچ نوع حفاظت خاصی از پزشک در برابر آلودگی میکروبی و ویروسی ندارد و صرفا شبیه لباسهای ایزوله اصلی( معروف به فضایی) تولید شده

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Yes i’ve seen it, if that helps, even a fishnet will help too🙄

#惊险 家住10楼,妈妈外出买东西,合肥一5岁女童翻窗找妈妈,从10楼向下爬到6楼后被困在窗外,场面惊险万分.胆大的孩子得以一路往下爬。但到了5楼没有防盗窗,便困在了两层楼之间。好在大家齐心协力将她救了下来。

Thriller I lived on the 10th floor, and my mother went out to buy something. A 5-year-old girl in Hefei turned to the window to find her mother. She climbed down from the 10th floor to the 6th floor and was trapped outside the window. But when there was no security window on the fifth floor, he was trapped between two floors. Fortunately, everyone worked together to save her.

Poor kids, locked inside going stir crazy