Antique Corona Clothes for Doctors!

Antique Corona Clothes for Doctors!

:white_small_square: These clothes are made of very thin, inexpensive material that has no special protection from the doctor against microbial and viral contamination and is made just like the original (outer space) isolates. :red_circle:لباسی تحت عنوان لباس ضد کرونا برای پزشکان !

:white_small_square:این لباس ها از جنس بسیار نازک و ارزان قیمت تهیه شده که هیچ نوع حفاظت خاصی از پزشک در برابر آلودگی میکروبی و ویروسی ندارد و صرفا شبیه لباسهای ایزوله اصلی( معروف به فضایی) تولید شده

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that’s not even an SMS suit :flushed:

tell me about it.

they must be placing massive orders for protective gear

Looks like a paper bed sheet…

@Rewkang might be an oppertunity for you

if you are non American and can contact the Iranian Embassy

I have the opportunity to acquire a paper factory. Price tag of 10m - who’s looking to invest with me to create toilet paper, masks, etc ?!?

Just can’t in good conscience sell that to someone as protective gear.