Another reason Elon is in a rush

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Another reason Elon is in a rush

Notice how it’s 1 Space X Rocket every 3 weeks for StarLink

Starlink is being strategized as a backup system


Hang in there guys!!!


In 20 hrs, live streaming

Kenosha Police Department :policewoman:t3:

How to lose the support of the people 101

What are facts?

oh shit guys check this out

Beer Shortage we reported it a long time ago


but look at this

Search Miller Lite in Google, go to news and the shortage won’t appear.

All shortage searches are not placed on top results

Stock up :wink:

And this is the owner saying it

Not a grocery store or concessionary, its the fucking owner!

how many hours of work would one have to do for a 12 pack in the Bill Gates microchip economy???


Shooter might be a minor

Kyle Rittenhouse/Kyle Lewis

DOB Jan-2003

That’s 17 years old.

minor playing Call of Duty: Civil War in IRL

Real Life Call of Duty Trailer | Reupload since YouTube took it down.

Shooter Identified

So he traveled across State Lines

more charges added

This video will bite police

The moment Kenosha happened we warned everyone to stock up. I hope you listened, specially the ones in the cities. This WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE A DOOZY



Yup. September in general. 9/11 is coming up

Check out this Rabbit Hole

. I am William Binney, former NSA Technical Director and Whistleblower. There was no “Russian hack” of the DNC in 2016 and I have proof.

Black Hats/ Red Wizards once again proving to be the pieces of shit they are.

trying to shut down the truth

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Anyway scroll up, Shooter in Wisconsin identified as a 17 Year old minor playing Call of Duty Civil War against Antifa while being high fived and given water bottles by the Police before hand.


Kyle you fuck up!

I see absolutely nothing wrong with what the kid did.

Assuming he has an open carry license he broke no laws.

They assaulted him and moved in on his fire arm. That is an attempt on his life.

The hell

He was a minor

He should be in bed

Or at home playing forte night

Not trying to guard a gas station

This kids a pain In The ass JROTC Nazi that took it too far

Are you not understanding what would of happened if he killed 2 black people

Open Season on White Children

Traveling from Illinois to Wisconsin to defend Freedom

Read the interstate charges he also faces

If he’s charged as an adult

Chronologically you might not be aware that he first shot the bald :man_bald: man in the head

Ran away

And was chased

So what would of been a manslaughter charge

Was upgraded

You know military personnel and know the civilian code of conduct… you know what needs to be done if someone tries to remove a firearm from your hands.

Having said that, I agree… any resistance to this will just enflame the situation especially when the left controls all forms of indoctrination in the country. I agree with you that unfortunately the best course of action, is no action and to let this collective temper tantrum play out and hope we have a country left.

It’s all divide and conquer.

By him fleeing and shooting others

Ah shit I didn’t know he was taking “pot shots” at people

He killed the bald man

Who was unarmed

Then ran

They chased

Yeah the media will go crazy with this and further enflame the situation. The hidden hands are begging for someone to retaliate against the SJw hordes

The media are begging for another “Dylan Roof” and they may have gotten on…

The guy antagonized

Was shot

Kyle Fled

Ran some more


Next to the body

United States Boleshevik revolution is here…

I’m sure the “hidden hands” were clinking their champagne glasses when they saw this. Stupid kid.

Kyle in the ground getting his ass kicked, shoots 2 more

Kyle you fuck up