Another one has fallen

Another one has fallen

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That incubation period

This is sad. But this is what the train will look like in America

Americans are not going to stop. Nothing is going to keep them from the dollar. So when prepping, be prepared. Have money.

1 infected in Rotterdam

I talk to people who prep, but then they tell me that they’re still going to go to work… :thinking:


#天朝浮世绘 仅隔一天,之前是出门要抓你,现在是不出门要收拾你!如今杭州戴红袖标的任务突然改了,要把不肯上班的人,抓到单位去!// 我们公司领导简直疯了。我一直在家里干活,好好的。但是他现在逼着我去公司,我不知道为什么。我觉得这完全是形式主义。他们根本不知道,杭州的数据全是假的,全是假的!!

天朝 浮世绘 Just another day, I was going to arrest you before, but now I am going to pack you up! Nowadays, Hangzhou ’s task of wearing a red armband has suddenly changed. It is necessary to catch people who are not willing to go to work! // Our company leader is crazy. I have been working at home all the time. But he is pushing me to the company now, and I don’t know why. I think this is completely formalism. They didn’t know that the data in Hangzhou were all fake, all fake! !!


2 deads in Italy :frowning:

Anyone here in Australia?

Person wasnt on board

Yes. I am

How do we share this link

I know the dutch people that were released from the westerdam didn’t have had a thourough examination

Correct. Our dutch inspection is having a chat : you feel ill? No? Move along

Does anyone think who will declare epidemic?

Already is an epidemic

What link


I should say

Link to this group?

Or to the Los Angeles story