Another moron, who I would not want to be in a fox hole with

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Another moron, who I would not want to be in a fox hole with

Anyone read of any relation between covid and strep infections?

Notice how today the Secretary of Health quoted Chinas official bullshit numbers

Instead of the NSA Numbers or NRO numbers


If he says 60% infection rate

Goodbye economy

Goodbye petrodollars

Say hello to Bitcoin

So the ringleaders lie to the public

To keep the circus going

That’s the reality

屋苑防疫粗暴 物管經理強搶2小狗監生打死
湖北 #武漢肺炎 疫情肆虐,被指涉及人禍,可是卻有人偏偏怪罪於 #寵物 身上。相比湖北、廣東、河南等地, #河北 省的疫情不算嚴重,當地確診病例312宗、1人死亡,但不少地方已實行「封閉式管理」,並禁止居民外出遛狗。其中,在 #石家莊 市,有屋苑物業管理人員疑過度防疫,竟把氣出在無辜的小狗身上,活活將至少兩隻狗狗打死。
#虐畜 #中共國

Rough epidemic prevention, property management manager robbed 2 puppies
Hubei #Wuhan Pneumonia The epidemic is raging and has been accused of human disaster, but some people blame him for #pet. Compared with Hubei, Guangdong, Henan and other places, #Hebei Province ’s epidemic is not serious. There were 312 confirmed cases and 1 death. However, many places have implemented “closed management” and residents are not allowed to walk outside. Among them, in #Shijiazhuang City, a housing property manager suspected of excessive epidemic prevention and actually blew his breath at innocent puppies, killing at least two dogs alive.

Abused animals # 中共 国


According to the WeChat public account of the Hubei Public Security Department, as of 17:00 on February 25, 293 civilian police and 111 auxiliary police had been diagnosed with the new type of coronavirus pneumonia in Hubei public security organs, and 4 serving police died due to new coronary pneumonia. According to the statistics of the Hubei Provincial Public Security Department, from the perspective of the infections of various police types, the percentage of police (police station) police infections is high, accounting for 47.4% of the total infections. :frog:

:arrow_up:Good luck NYPD and LAPD :arrow_up:

现在几乎每天都有好几个国家发现首例感染者,最近24小时,又多了挪威,罗马里亚,巴基斯坦,巴西,希腊,病毒已经覆盖超过40多个国家了。 ​​​


The first infected person is now found in several countries almost every day. In the last 24 hours, more cases have been reported in Norway, Romania, Pakistan, Brazil, Greece. The virus has covered more than 40 countries.

According to this demand, the peak consumption of masks and protective clothing is far from coming. The most important thing is that there are medical staff. Medical staff are non-renewable resources in the short term. :pleading_face:

According to China Red Cross’ official data, only about 19% of the donated PPE gears are sent to hospitals. The majority of the were given to different levels of government organizations. Rumor in China is that the police and military got the majority of the relief supplies and gears.

Guys how many filters for gas masks do you think is enough

My opinion: Assuming we use each set for 3 days, take the number of ppl in your household, and prepare a supply that’s enough for 6 months.

Only 3 days each set?!

Like each set meaning each filter ?

For the disposable masks they recommend only one day.

Each set means two filters.

I’m already on the 3rd day on my current disposable mask. It still feels ok to breaths through.

What about disinfecting them, that won’t make them last longer? And each day would only mean each day in public. If we are under quarantine we don’t have to use them in our homes, right?