ANONYMOUS 2020- WATCH THIS BEFORE 2020! A message for the future...

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from This game is interesting, the novice guide is to let you put the virus in china🤣

Lol :joy: Anonymous is NSA

Nice try

Damn it’s NSA! Omg there’s so much bs out there

Finally the Russians let me in

Took forever

На фоне того, что пациенту, прибывшему из Милана таки подтвердили заражение коронавирусом (изначально сотруднику РФС Давиду Берову заражение подтвердили, потом сказали, что ошиблись, в итоге же заболевание оказалось тру), ситуация с этой проблемой в Рашке становится серьезнее.

Вот так, например, сейчас выглядит Шереметьево. Берова, к слову, изначально положили в общую палату. Сила рассейской медицины во всей красе. Так что COVID-19 все ближе, товарищи.

Against the background of the fact that the patient who arrived from Milan was confirmed to be infected with coronavirus (initially, the RFU employee David Berov confirmed the infection, then they said that they were mistaken, as a result, the disease turned out to be true), the situation with this problem in Raska becomes more serious.

So, for example, Sheremetyevo now looks like. Berov, by the way, was initially put in the general chamber. The power of Russian medicine in all its glory. So COVID-19 is getting closer, comrades.

What do you mean

2021 год. Мы с братанами идём затариться в магаз

2021 year. Brothers and I are going to shop


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:rotating_light: وضعیت اسفناک قربانیان کرونا در قم
وضعیت قم بسیار وخیم است…

قبرستان‌ها را می‌توانید پنهان کنید؟

:rotating_light: The deplorable condition of the victims of the coronation in Qom
The situation in Qom is very serious …

Can you hide cemeteries?

In the meantime in Thailand

#中共國 大清人不打大清人:interrobang::interrobang:



中共 国 Daqing people don’t hit Daqing people :interrobang::interrobang:

You ca n’t believe it. If you believe it, you will be beaten. The red armbands will be tied up.

At one time, the Cultural Revolution began to be staged throughout the country. If you do not wear a mask, you may be beaten or arrested The rest of the Cultural Revolution, wait one by one to enter the crematorium​:fire::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m thinking about it and it’s don’t like good for us as humans as only hacktivist movement is NSA or other background, those others hackers only steal from people no one have good heart fight for us with their skills? :((
To be honest we should also think this whole flu situation to think more about who we are as people and wish that will end and then start be better humans seriously, this info makes me sad that only one hacktivist movements are also corrupted this show how we as whole human race are and we should change after this situation will end which I wish to all :slight_smile:


中国推健康码,一旦用户授权该软件访问个人数据,一个名为“向警方报告信息和地点(reportInfoAndLocationToPolice)”的程序就会把用户的位置、城市名称和识别编码发送给服务器。每当一个人的健康码在例如健康检查站等地点被扫描的时候,他或她的当前位置似乎就会发送到系统的服务器。:scream::scream::scream: China pushes the health code. Once the user authorizes the software to access personal data, a program called “report information and location to police (reportInfoAndLocationToPolice)” will send the user’s location, city name and identification code to the server. Whenever a person’s health code is scanned at a location such as a health checkpoint, his or her current location seems to be sent to the system’s server. :scream::scream::scream:

Lucia… I’m…fine thanks…a little worried for some suspected cases near me… waiting for the test results… And you? Later I test you again for explain everything :kissing_heart:

Slovakia has no officially confirmed cases :thinking: but I dont believe in that. Stay safe :crossed_fingers:

Oh you answered:)

What’s the relevance of this?

We got a full face divingmask for our oldest son(9 years old), he loves it, he imagines it that he will become a robot or spaceman. I think that’s a good thing, it will be much easier for him (and us) to wear it.

Coronavirus forces MTA to give the subway a thorough disinfectant cleaning

It’s about ducking time they clean