And thanks . Also for the Chinese Skullcap’s effect on cytokines .

⤺ reposted by @perrichase from The Italians are venting their hatred on the virus and smashing Chinese barbershops and restaurants. Who is to blame? CCP, you guys have to give an explanation?

You said 6000mg?

And thanks . Also for the Chinese Skullcap’s effect on cytokines .

I took 3000 in the morning and 3000 in the afternoon

Good one

glad to hear you are feeling better. In the future, elderberry & vit D

this is an article from last june

the virus is making fears of the recession worse

china is down and out. and if the chinese economy goes, the world will likely follow

that shit suss as fuck

sorry dont really wanna bring political stuff into this

but bill gates is not to be trusted, especially connected with event 201

She only broke up with me because of the distance, Nothing bad happened between us

And her parents wanted her to get married as soon as possible with someone

Please cut this shit out of this group


Hey guys :slight_smile:

SK 70 more cases of new coronavirus, total now at 833

833 infected in SK and continue growing…

For those “recoveries” what is the treatment like? How soon do these recoveries occur?

Only after a hellish nightmare where you feel like you will die at any moment

Unless you are white and don’t have the China gene

Then you will be a super spreader

Mostly asymptomatic

That’s right

The eighth death in Korea has been reported

What do you think about JJOO 2020?