And take their lives

#中共國 衡水跳樓事件 # 中共 国 Hengshui jumping event

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Oh dear

Yes many experience hopelessness

And take their lives

#觀點 國際通行撲滅豬瘟的方式,首先是隔離各個養豬場,然後把已發病的豬和有可能被傳染的疑似豬一並活埋,防止瘟疫擴散。

我們在武漢就是這樣做的,方倉火雷神醫院都是「填埋場」,我朝是唯一一個敢用這種方式消滅病人的國家。制度優勢指的就是這個。#Viewpoint The international way to fight swine fever is to first isolate each pig farm, and then bury the infected pigs and suspected pigs that may be infected together to prevent the spread of the plague.

This is what we did in Wuhan. The Fangcang Fire Thunder Hospital is a “landfill”. I am the only country that dares to destroy patients in this way. Institutional advantage refers to this.

It’s hard for me to conceptualize that. That I could be reduced down to such desperate actions. But I know it’s true, it can happen to anyone under certain circumstances.

The suicide rate is high in America already as it is.

Thank you for posting. It prepares me to be strong for what might come.

This is the vegetable deliveries that Wuhan citizens get for 100 RMB(17 dollars)

Not much food

I don’t see any comment in other places. The Chinese who can survive the plague in the video will thank the country more in the future, and the party and the country for giving them a continuation of their lives.
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