And a scene from a local supermarket.

And a scene from a local supermarket. Everything is packed into “sets”. My cousin complains that every day when they do grocery it’s easily one to two hundred kuai (roughly 20-30bucks, but is still very high for low income population)

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This is amazing footage tell them to keep sending to you

200 kui is 200 yuan?

Well, another day in the field folks. Since this began I was mostly concerned about eye protection. I ordered 3M Safety Glasses, Virtua CCS Protective Eyewear 11872, Removable Foam Gasket, Clear Anti-Fog Lenses, Corded Ear Plug Control System, immediately, and have since ordered a few more pairs to rotate in. If a water droplet lands in your eye, I figure that’s just it, it’s like getting blasted at paintball, game is over. Might be truth to that, since the lungs are very moist, I suspect water is a very viable transport for this coronavirus, since it’s genetically engineered. I also cover my head and hands, still adjusting techniques there, but I like the one glove, one no glove technique that I’m developing, with alcohol spray in my pocket. I thought buying 50+ masks was not enough, but since I received the Karis Professional Grade UV Sanitizer/Sterilizer (13L), I immediately sanitize my hat, eyewear, mask, wallet, cards inside wallet, anything in my pockets, my phones, etc, and the thing handles it all in 20 minutes. I am picky so I only wear 5 millimeter gloves and up, but if you have normal gloves, suggest to double up on your non–dominant hand and don’t wear any glove on the dominant hand, it will teach you red zone vs. green zone. (Green zone is yourself, Red zone is anything else.) I’ve tried everything from N95 from 3M to R100 and P100 from Honeywell. I honestly feel the R100 from Honeywell is the best one, it has no exhaust valve, which I see as a positive. The P100 from Honeywell is really nice, adjustable wide straps, rubber foam gasket. However it does have a exhaust valve, I will tape it closed if I feel SHTF. The 3M N95 is okay, not great. If you don’t have any masks, ofc you will have to make them yourself by watching a Youtube video. Which is fine, at least the fit will be good for you.

Yes. Kuai is like “buck” in Chinese.


I was so confused

Thank you

Show us the goods!!!

This is key because you can disinfect so much after getting home. It’s big and that’s what’s what you want! Like a 1/3 a microwave oven.

Oh damn I need to take pictures of all this stuff or make a video

okok tomo. good night fam, hold tight, don’t let the panic bite, i’m off to bed

Seems like they are practicing Triage

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Your welcome! My cousin says lately it’s been better than last week. Prices are still fluctuating but lower than before. She worries about old people who don’t know how to use smartphone and have no access to modern online facilities.

Greater risk of going outside and being infected?

Great info. I never thought about red zone green zone…

At the moment it’s probably not as dangerous as one month ago.

Good good

He said that after losing a billion dollars