Analysis of Wuhan Crematorium Recordings

Analysis of Wuhan Crematorium Recordings

This recording is very credible because some details are real.

For example, the customary road monument of Wuhan people does not burn the body after 12 noon, so they usually only burn it until 12 noon.

He was talking about the Wuchang Funeral Parlour, which happened to have a total of 18 stoves.

In the dialogue, there are many details:

  1. The funeral home staff was not sure whether it was January 22 or 23 on the date when the number began to increase. (Much like a real memory of a person.)
    2, mentioned that the tender cremator was not approved. Emotional. (I did n’t get the rebate? There were several times during the conversation that I was so excited that most people could n’t play)
  2. Investigators questioned that the number of people in charge of cremation was less than 100, and the other party explained the division of labor more clearly. (This person who does n’t understand the local cremation situation can’t make it up.)
  3. The corpses were basically burnt that day, and there was a backlog over the hospital. (Reasonable, the editor must simply say that the bodies are piled up like a mountain)
    5, 38% were hospitalized and 61% died at home. (If it is compiled, it will definitely add up to 100%. Here it adds up to 99%. Because I count, there are decimals, and decimals are often not remembered.)

According to a corpse burned for 50 minutes, the preparation is adding 10 minutes, that is one hour. 11 stoves, operating 24 hours a day. That is to burn 264 corpses a day. There are 6-7 funeral homes in and around Wuhan. The conservative estimate is 1584-1848 per day.
According to the situation in which someone saw the funeral house’s remains and lined up in a long line, it is possible.

The most important one is that it is now 4-5 times as normal. So sad, I thought it was about double.

When seven incinerators are unavailable, the emotional release after the crash doesn’t seem to be acting. Many cadres at the grassroots level still have the spirit of hard work, and they really want to get things done.

  1. The person in charge is very emotional and nearly collapses. Many words are blurted out, and they are very knowledgeable about the situation, without any hesitation, not acting.
  2. Typical Hubei Mandarin and cursing words. There was a period of real anger, and a lot of scolding, I could n’t write subtitles
  3. Provide a lot of details, such as January 10th, January 22rd or 23rd, something wrong with the stove, etc. It is not easy for insiders to compile.
  4. It ’s very real, and there are some positive news, it ’s hard to compile
  5. The content of the article of the Hankou funeral home staff deleted from the previous WeChat post matches
  6. Calling a Talk This person is also working hard to find a way, the interaction between the two is not like the script in advance

Under normal circumstances, Wuhan should die two to three hundred people a day, if it is four or five times 800 to 1500, take about 1200 in the middle, and about one thousand pneumonia a day. It is 17 days from the 23rd to the present, which should be fifteen to twenty thousand.

I think it’s true. . . . If this is the case, there are 8 confirmed corpses in the 127 drama, and the ratio of the number of undiagnosed deaths to the number of confirmed deaths is 127/8. Now, there are 608 confirmed deaths in Hubei. Considering that the death was normal for other reasons within 14 days, it was 200 a day, a total of 2800, and the death of pneumonia was 6852.

This is similar to the infection rate of 1.5% in the withdrawal of overseas Chinese in other countries, the population of 10 million Wuhan, and the death rate of 5% = 7,500 deaths, which is similar.

The accent is Wuhan. And the customs are right. Attitude, tone, and way of speaking are all very real employees in Wuhan.

On average, 130 people died in Wuhan a day. And Wuhan has a population of 14 million
The Hankou funeral parlour is more burdensome, and it is estimated that the number is larger.

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But I don’t understand…in this tape she says that they can burn bodies just from 6 am to noon… I made the same count, because crematorium works 24 h a day…

So at the end she says 130 a day…but also that in the other funeral home is worse and 61 % died at home :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful:

Big big number!!!

How many crematoriums in Wuhan?

At this point who knows

Besides Pine Gap

The Russians

And upper echelon of the CCP

I don’t have satellites going over Wuhan or the surrounding provinces

Funeral Homes in China’s Wuhan ‘Working 24/7 to Cremate Bodies’

Several crematoriums in Wuhan with aparent capacity to cremate over 2000 bodies per day. That’s just the known ones, let alone the make shift ones. Scarey.

I’m reading that also recovered can be infected again… so? There is something wired… so it is also impossible find a vax…

How many non Chinese are dead. I know people have died outside of China but they are still Chinese

Seem strange such a deadly virus hasn’t killed other races . Bio weapon fall out boy for global economy crash

Move into the new world order with mandatory vaccines. Take a look at how the internet is now censored. They have given us a device that knows everything about us . And now they use it against us

one in Japan, one in Philippines and one American died in Wuhan, as far as I know

American but he originally is from China apparently

Watch the opening to this song sums it up


Prove it

I’m not here to do your homework

Have I looked into what’s evening happening to the global economy since the last global financial crisi

Use the search


In the group

Does that include make shift ones or just known crematoriums?

Viruses don’t discriminate…

“False negative tests for virus are fairly common. This can mislead the test kit. There have been cases where the CT scan showed that both lungs were completely infected, but the test came back 4 times negative. Only the 5th test was positive.”

Hundreds of thousands