Ames you piece of shit,

Ames you piece of shit,

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We were just watching this on Netflix last night. There is a series called Spycraft. It’s pretty interesting

India Needs To Be Self-Reliant To Cement Place In “NEW WORLD ORDER”: PM Modi Prime Minister, Narendra Modi today said India has to be "self-reliant to cement her place in the new world order that will emerge after Covid. India, he said, is at a “turning point” owing to her handling of the coronavirus crisis and the global community’s awareness about it. “Many felt that if India cannot manage it, then the world is doomed, but we overcame the crisis,” he said in his reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address.

Zaragoza,Spain. 21/02/21 -15:00h

Get me off this clown world :clown_face:

Men are being emasculated, women are being erased, when is everyone gunna wake up

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