American media is starting to share the impact on children.. people will freak.

American media is starting to share the impact on children… people will freak.

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They’ve been hiding the truth from the public. Not once have I seen the major networks show videos of what it could do to kids.

I agree. Is so effed up

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@sean_petterson valuable footage for you and the other makers from the field

Video of a crowded hospital in Italy. @azazelnews

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Thanks Aries

I’ve sourced through my network 600k N95 masks. Problem is I can’t find anyone in local municipality procurement to write a PO. If there anyone here can assist or can direct me to procurement offices directly at the hospitals here in nyc lmk?


Give me a second

This video is from whatapp from a friend in South America. It is one of the four angles. This is a Peruvian infected person sent to the emergency room. The original post is attached with a medical history and positive test results. Based on respect for patients and privacy issues, I do n’t Repost, but even I received it, I believe they will send it, this is the first time I saw the symptoms of this virus, it is very scary. May the Lord be conservative and hope he is alive #COVIDー19#WuhanCoronavius

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Putting you and Doctor Bess in a chat room

Dr. Bess? :thinking:


I’m side chatting him as well. To see if he can get anything for New Jersey also??

I am curious as if we should consider all the people who went Dark after the Mass Social Prying eyes :eyes:… thinking a good chunk of the people probably said Forget being tracked

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Try the National Guard, my husband (a long time ago) worked in logistics and was able to do PO’s and his command was quick to approve. This was in FL but I would hope that this would be the case in NY