Amazon tells all 798,000 employees to halt travel, in US and internationally, over coronavirus fears

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I’m in Seattle and heard about this from amzn employees. Protocols for hand washing, etc.



Shouldn’t such an authoritarian, corrupt, dark government overthrow it? !! The ancients said, “It’s rude, it’s gone; it’s time to celebrate the father’s death, and it’s hard for Lu.” Brothers, it’s time to determine the future of a nation. Every Chinese with conscience should make his own choice. My choice of Zhao Gang is: To be democratic! To be free! Overthrow autocracy! Defeat the fascist dictatorship! Build a New China where the people are the masters!

Bright Sword​:frog::frog::frog:

Also amazon started to limit how much i could buy

With food

The California patient who tested positive for the coronavirus days after being hospitalized is in serious condition and intubated, California Rep. John Garamendi told CNN’s Erin Burnett.
The Solano County woman has puzzled health officials, who say they have not been able to trace where she contracted the virus. The patient didn’t have any relevant travel history, exposure to another known patient and wasn’t one of the evacuees repatriated from China, officials said.

Just saw this today.
Don’t know if it has been shared.

新羅西斯克。 俄羅斯 該城市的第二例可疑患者。
Новороссийск . Россия . Второй случай подозрительного пациента в этом городе.
Novorossiysk. Russia . The second case of a suspicious patient in this city.

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This picture is not from Virginia. It is from Palermo in Italy.

SAN ANTONIO - The University of Texas at San Antonio announced Friday students on their Urbino and Rome study abroad trips will soon return to San Antonio. Once back, they will self-quarantine.
After returning, everyone will speak with and be evaluated by UTSA’s Medical Director Dr. Beth Wichman and then will self-quarantine for 14-days while continuing their classes online.
When it comes to students who may not currently have housing in San Antonio, the University also said in the email it will work to find them a place to live…

I really wish I wasn’t in San Antonio right now :triumph:

I see where the confusion happened I’ll delete it.

Thanks for clarifying.

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A habit i started to get into Is use a nasal saline spray when i get home and gargle salt water. This way you cleanse your throat and sinus of pathogens before it becomes an issue.

I can’t do that to save my life
I end up making myself choke like an idiot

:worried: I can’t see my friends tomorrow because they work with one confirmed case… I’m like quarantined since 3 week now… today I finish my pill for bronchitis and is really better… probably I had corona :microbe: but they didn’t test me :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4: 3 weeks for a flu is wired

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This “bright sword” is a popular chinese tv show about wwii and the civil war that made the commie nation. That quote is directed at the republic of China government. Artists in China can not express their true attitudes towards the commies so they substitute the current government with all kinds of earlier governments/emperors.