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⤺ reposted by @Toark from David Icke’s Speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally, Trafalgar Sq, London, Aug 29, taken down by the terrified facilitators of fascism at YouTube (Susan Wojcicki) – here’s another version on Bitchute which will not be censored (Please share)

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Level 3 Global Outage


Right Wing activist, Andy Ngo last night:
— "The shooting victim in downtown Portland tonight had a side bag with a “blue lives matter” style flag.

Many antifa on social media are celebrating his death, even though his ID is not yet known.

The shooting suspect is still at-large."







These are the kind of sights that trigger the city’s middle class flight,
causing the ensuing downward econmic spiral,
causing more crime.

Downward we go

Then the ones who caused this come in and buy up all the cheap real estate.

So often, bystanders don’t do anything. That’s a major change for the good we can see in something extremely bad - they stood up for her!! This was, more often than not, not the case before - maybe we’re seeing a shift here.

Maybe we’re seeing some turn into animals, but maybe more people feel comfortable stepping in and being heroes. Seems like some kind of polarity is kicking in there.

That makes me hopeful - maybe people who see wrongdoing feel more compelled to ACT.

So often, bystanders don’t do anything. That’s a major change for the good we can see in something extremely bad - they stood up for her!! This was, more often than not, not the case before - maybe we’re seeing a shift here.

Maybe we’re seeing some turn into animals, but maybe more people feel comfortable stepping in and being heroes. Seems like some kind of polarity is kicking in there.

That makes me hopeful - maybe people who see wrongdoing feel more compelled to ACT.

Check out Popeye Display in Karachi, August 29,

and the aftermath

Karachi, a population of 15 million, is largely underwater: Pakistan’s largest city has had its roads turned into rivers, its houses destroyed and its people fleeing to shelters - the suffering of its worst floods since records began.


…do they have no plan other than to wait for someone to produce it for them? Kek


:zap:Telegram suffered a massive failure on Sunday, August 30. Users from all over the world have problems, but the worst situation is in Europe and Russia.
:belarus::ru::de::belgium::netherlands::it::es::hungary::romania::ukraine: In addition to Belarus and Russia, residents of Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine complain about the messenger’s work most of all today.


:zap:В работе Telegra
m в воскресенье, 30 августа, произошел масштабный сбой. Проблемы возникают у пользователей со всего мира, но наихудшая ситуация в Европе и России.
:belarus::ru::de::belgium::netherlands::it::es::hungary::romania::ukraine: Кроме Беларуси и России, больше всего на работу мессенджера жалуются жители Германии, Бельгии, Нидерландов, Италии, Испании, Венгрии, Румынии и Украины.

:arrow_up: That’s, wherever there were protests yesterday, Telegram suddenly collapsed today
Isn’t it strange ?!

Is there anything to do with “fireworks”?

The Internet is also almost completely disconnected in Belarus
Internet speed was very limited at the request of Lukashenko

:belarus: #BELARUS | TODAY
:zap:Security forces set up cordon near Lukashenko residence
:zap:A large convoy of BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles moving towards Minsk
:zap:Armored personnel carriers move towards Lukashenko’s residence
:zap:Lukashenko’s press secretary, when asked by RIA Novosti about his whereabouts, sent a photo of the dictator with a machine gun in front of besieged palace
:zap:Security forces with an anti-drone “gun” in their hands suppress UAV flights that protesters and journalists lift into the sky

:zap:Силовики выставили кордон у резиденции Лукашенко
:zap:Крупная колонна боевых машин пехоты БМП-2 движется к Минску
:zap:БТРы двигаются в сторону резиденции Лукашенко
:zap:Пресс-секретарь Лукашенко на вопрос РИА о его местонахождении прислала фото диктатора с автоматом на фоне осажденного дворца
:zap:Белорусские силовики с противодроновым “ружьём” в руках пресекают полёты БПЛА, которые поднимают в небо протестующие и журналисты

:belarus: #BELARUS | TODAY
:zap:A crowd of thousands of protesters came close to security forces cordon near Lukashenko’s residence and chanted “Go away!”
:zap:People broke through cordon of the internal troops
:zap:As expected, provocations began (this was Putin’s main demand for introduction of Russian troops): Belarusian Interior Ministry publishes footage of alleged “protesters’ attacks” on police officers in the area of Independence Square in Minsk
:zap:Detentions started in center of Minsk again

:zap:Многотысячная толпа протестующих подошла вплотную к кордону силовиков возле резиденции Лукашенко и скандирует “Уходи!”
:zap:Люди прорвали оцепление бойцов внутренних войск
:zap:Как и следовало ожидать, начались провокации: белорусское МВД публикует кадры якобы “нападения протестующих” на сотрудников полиции в районе площади Независимости в Минске.
:zap:В центре Минска снова начались задержания

Since Friday, a series of earthquakes have occurred in Antarctica. One of them came on this Sunday at 7.30 and went from a 5.1 degree scale on the Richter scale, told TN Colonel Emilio Obelar, head of the Uruguayan Artigas base.

:belarus: #BELARUS | :ru: #RUSSIA
:zap:Putin recognized the elections in Belarus as “valid” and congratulated Lukashenko on his 66th birthday today
Just in time! :upside_down_face:
:zap:A lot of members of pro-Kremlin movements NLM and SERB gathered near the Belarusian embassy in Moscow.
SERB attacks people who came out in support of the protesters in Belarus
Detentions also began in Moscow after attacks by pro-Kremlin provocateurs

:belarus: #БЕЛАРУСЬ | :ru: #РОССИЯ
:zap:Путин признал выборы в Беларуси “состоявшимися” и поздравил сегодня Лукашенко с 66-летием
:zap:Очень вовремя! :upside_down_face:
:zap:У посольства Беларуси в Москве собралось очень много членов прокремлевских движений НОД и SERB.
SERB нападает на людей, которые вышли в поддержку протестующих Беларуси
После нападений прокремлевских провокаторов начались задержания

Internet in Russia is barely breathing!

Earthquake in Antarctica and Bahia at the same time!

Those 5.0~ again too

:belarus: #BELARUS | :ru: #RUSSIA
:exclamation:Lukashenko is ready to begin the process of transfer of power, Russian political analysts say
He doesn’t intend to enter into negotiations with Tikhanovskaya, but is ready for a dialogue with other moderate (pro-Kremlin) oppositionists and former officials who have recently supported the protests (экс-премьер Сергей Румас, экс-министр культуры Беларуси Павел Латушко и др.)
This issue will probably be discussed at the upcoming meeting with Putin.

:belarus: #БЕЛАРУСЬ | :ru: #РОССИЯ
:exclamation:Лукашенко готов начать процесс передачи власти, заявляют российские политологи
Вступать в переговоры с Тихановской он не намерен, но готов к диалогу с другими умеренными (прокремлевскими) оппозиционерами и бывшими чиновниками, недавно поддержавшими протесты (экс-премьер Сергей Румас, бывший министр культуры Беларуси Павел Латушко и др.)
Вероятно, этот вопрос будет обсуждаться на предстоящей встрече с Путиным

:belarus: #BELARUS | TODAY

:belarus: #BELARUS | :ru: #RUSSIA
:zap:The Investigative Committee of Belarus reported that it had registered about 150 cases of threats to officials, more than 10 criminal cases were initiated in two days.
This means that soon the Kremlin’s “help” will come to Belarus
:zap:Meanwhile, at the stele “Minsk - Hero City” OMON collects barbed wire

:belarus: #БЕЛАРУСЬ | :ru: #РОССИЯ
:zap:СК Белоруссии сообщил, что зарегистрировал около 150 случаев угроз должностным лицам, за два дня возбуждено более 10 уголовных дел.
Это значит, что скоро в РБ придет “помощь” Кремля
:zap:Тем временем, у стелы “Минск - город-герой” ОМОН собирает колючую проволоку

Rosatom has declassified footage about testing of the most powerful bomb in history - Tsar Bomba. Before you footage of the world’s largest nuclear explosion, which occurred almost 60 years ago.

This bomb is 3300 times more powerful than the one that destroyed Hiroshima.

Global Quantum Sensors Market is valued to reach USD 285.6 Million by 2024, growing at CAGR of 12.5% over forecast period 2020-2026. Growing adoption and rising investments in quantum technology coupled with increasing focus on development in quantum sensors are the key factors augmenting the market growth.

Increasing investments in research to develop quantum sensors by private organizations and government associations is expected to drive the market growth. Moreover, manufacturers of the sensors are focusing on developing industry-specific sensors to cater to the changing demand.

For instance, in March 2019, researchers at the University of Waterloo’s Institute announced the development of quantum sensors for advanced applications in healthcare. The newly developed quantum sensors are used for adding remote sensing capabilities for monitoring cancer treatments.

Based on the sensor types, the market has been segmented into atomic clocks, magnetic sensors, gravity sensors, rotation sensors, imaging sensors, and temperature sensors. The atomic clocks segment dominates the market and is expected to continue this trend during the forecast period. Manufacturers of atomic clocks are increasingly investing in research to develop ultra-low-power capacity for their special operations such as small satellites.

On the basis of applications, the market has been divided into defense, oil & gas, medical & healthcare, agriculture, transportation, construction, it & telecommunication, and others. The defense segment holds a significant market share, in terms of revenue generation. The applications of quantum sensors for critical areas such as accurate positions and submarine detection across the oceans are boosting the demand for the sensors in the defense industry. This, in turn, is fueling the growth of the segment.

In terms of regions, the global quantum sensors market has been segmented in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Europe is expected to dominate the global market, in terms of revenue generation from the sale of quantum sensors. High demand for these sensors from different industry verticals such as IT & telecommunication and medical & healthcare is expected to drive the market growth in the region.

Leading manufacturers in the global quantum sensors market include ADVA Optical Networking SE, LI-COR Inc., M-Squared Lasers Ltd., Apogee Instruments Inc., GWR Instruments Inc., Kipp & Zonen BV, Microsemi Corp., Muquans, AOSense Inc., and Skye Instruments Ltd. The market is fragmented in nature due to the increasing penetration of start-ups engaging in the manufacturing of the sensors.

“Given that you and everyone you know likes cheap stuff and frightens easily this will happen again. Your neighbor will also hoard. My suggestion is you follow the Mormon practice of doing your hoarding BEFORE the panic hits. A year’s supply of stuff may tie up a few thousand bucks and one bedroom to store it, but at least you can look forward being relaxed about your supply of bathroom necessities.”

Two rockets again landed near Baghdad International Airport

More photos from Baghdad
Two Katyusha rockets fell near Baghdad airport.

Opposition leader Krivokapic announced the fall of the regime in Montenegro by election results
United opposition will create an alternative government and dismiss President Djukanovic, opposition statement said

:ru: #RUSSIA | :belarus: #BELARUS
:fire: A strong fire broke out in a warehouse with paints and varnishes in Novosibirsk, already burning on an area of more than 1000 sq.m. The roof began to crumble
:fire: A day ago, a fire broke out in Minsk in one of the workshops of OJSC “Savushkin Product” (here were made cheeses, which were exported to Russia)
:fire: The largest mayonnaise plant in Russia caught fire in Belgorod region yesterday

:ru: #РОССИЯ | :belarus: #БЕЛАРУСЬ
:fire:Сильный пожар вспыхнул на складе с лакокрасочной продукцией в Новосибирске, горит уже на площади более 1000 “квадратов”. Начала рушиться крыша
:fire: День назад в Минске вспыхнул пожар в одном из цехов ОАО «Савушкин продукт»
:fire: В Белгородской области вчера загорелся крупнейший майонезный завод России

:taiwan: A kite carried a three-year-old child into the sky in Taiwan.
Kid very tightly grabbed, thanks to this he managed to escape

:taiwan: В Тайване воздушный змей унёс трёхлетнего ребёнка в небо.
Малыш очень крепко ухватился, благодаря этому ему удалось спастись