Always Blue Always

Always Blue Always

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What does always blue mean?

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The World/Solar System is controlled by 4 groups

In the Black World and White World

Watch Flight of Dragons - Free Streaming

To understand the factions

It was made in 1982 during the Falkland War to recruit the best and brightest the world had to offer

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Blue Wizadry : Space and Water
Gold Wizadry : Spirit, Dimensions
Green Wizadry : Surface, Subsurface

Nolan films are Hard Disclosure for the masses

Momento : Green
The Prestige : Blue
The Dark Knight Trilogy : Green
Inception: Gold
Interstellar : Blue
Dunkirk : Green
Westworld : Red

When Nolan was recruited he was 12 years of age

His little brother Jonathan creator of Westworld was only 6

Watch Flight of Dragons and in time you’ll start to understand how the world/solar system/ galaxy truly works

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Report As followed backed by multiple Images to support
also have logs available on request as they are being scrubbed daily.

Region Prime (Most attention)
790 Flights inbound to UK in last 24 hours we are 25% over Capacity now.
212 Flights outbound from UK in 24 hours

Region 2
Australia & New Zealand

Most planes on ground only 212 in sky over both regions

THE USA Snapshot looks normal
now lets deep dive

LA- lots of activity multiple NA Planes and Helios in he air , 382 over LA now

Vegas -Notice the flight that is NA to NA

N99EP doesn’t even list what it is …usually its plane and blocked or you get an image …this is a ghost

No info on this mystery plane
these are the last flights

Janet activity is back to normal 5-10 only today so far