Also WTF

Also WTF

⤺ reposted by @0xDjWyB from I don't know what the situation is, it was just sent from China, taken by passers-by, and fighter.

Half of the world is competing for Darwin Awards 2020

Oh man, the anti vaxxer are going to have a field day

Gloves off

Blues are not fucking around anymore

Nuremberg Rules

For anyone staying at The Spa

Lol :joy: heating up they say. More like been done since the 1950s

CubeSat interplanetary exploration is heating up

Why Australia?

How to hide White Money 101

How to Hide a Billion Dollars: Three Techniques the Ultrarich Use to Dodge Ex-Sp

Now that we are talking cyber security, reminder to avoid Google in your Faraday Lappy.

This exploit is still going on even that was reported in 2018.

9月3日 受台风“美莎克”侵袭,吉林松原,玉米发生大面积倒伏。:thinking:
On September 3, affected by the typhoon “Mesaq”, large areas of corn fell in Songyuan, Jilin. :thinking:

Meanwhile in China :cn:


Inner loop template!
I eat apples, it eats the skin, and then eat meat after it is fattened. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I really think it wasnt part of the original plan to realize the NWO plan that fast. Something happend 2019 or earlier what made them nervous and under serious pressure (not trump). pretty sure covid pandemic is a plan B

Um we rock them Bamas :boom:

Remember July 4th 2019

what happend there?

That’s when the war started

ok, didn’t know about that

Catch up

Start connecting the dots :arrow_up:

i think its too mutch information at once to go back that far

Then remain asleep :sleeping:

its not really predictable whats comming next, even tho i get the dots connected from the past year

@AriesAzazel holy kek hahahaha

really strange whats happening in the german speaking area germany/swizerland and austria… as you know we’ve got this huge movement ‘‘querdenken’’ who did that massive rally in berlin last week. A lot of people claiming its a psy op, since the founder/leader of it ‘‘michael ballweg’’ is a former roundtabler and a tracing app creator…

next huge rally gonna be in the bodensee area, where austria, swizerland and germany crosses. its lika huge sea, and the main show will happen in ‘‘konstanz’’, where the
center of the roman catholic church was. they are planning to do a human chain around the whole see and set a guiness world record with that… idk what that should has to do with a rally against covid restrictions, either sounds like a huge ritual to me

sorry for my english

ok i got it lol