Also they are protected by UNESCO so that would add another layer of "stay the hell away" status.

Also they are protected by UNESCO so that would add another layer of “stay the hell away” status.

⤺ reposted by @miette057 from Semi truck oil spill completely shuts down traffic on the main artery through Washington.

UNESCO protection is interesting.


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THATS THREE DAYS…more in three days than last 6 MONTHS

keep copys they are scrubbing info hourly

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Aug 27

Right? Let’s think, what other ancient structures/temples received UNESCO protection and were used as fortresses and cover in conflicts we have been involved in during the last few decades? The Ziggurats in Iraq and Iran immediately spring to mind (RIP Ziggurats).

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That’s a great point. Did you see this, @AriesAzazel?

Looking into it

In the past 3 days, there have been more flights into Area 51 the. The past 6 months

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Over 50 flights just today, way above any other day. Connect the dots.

A Behind the Scenes Look at the NSA Ethiopian Relationship - The Intercept

Pay attention to this​:arrow_up::arrow_up:

Ethiopia is war :arrow_heading_down:lords land, even they receive Intel. They can’t escape to a free Country, their options are limited.

They re going underground

sleep with your phone close by tonight

Get worried when the flights stop

This is not me (Aries) saying this but heed this warning

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