Also how many years have you been reading ?

Also how many years have you been reading

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None, but the article I replied to has zero links or sources and the website looks shady af. Besides one comment in russian language indicates there were “original reports in english about China”, which is something I was able to verify instantly. There were articles on the hill, forbes, etc about China developing EMP preemptive strikes. Articles from this June

The writers of
don’t read The Hill or Forbes.

Which article looks shady?

We encourage everyone to question everything - always as a matter of course because you should. People need to break the habit of not thinking for themselves.

Instead of launching into a criticism, why not take it upon yourself to find the truth? Often what we present is intel. It doesn’t have a link by nature of what it is and where it comes from.

If you want to contribute, go right ahead. This is a meritocracy. Do. Speak. Act. But if others are doing and speaking and acting and you want to criticize their efforts, yours had better match theirs at the least.

So that’s an invitation - contribute. It’s more constructive that way.

Thank you :+1:

When Intel is verified as fake admins have removed it, but if it’s not proven as fake then it should stand. Do you really think that military Intel will appear in the open in TMZ and such? No, it appears in Twitter or Reddit unacknowledged, that gives crumbles to dig on white papers and .edu sites. Universities have research contracts and most likely covered it but not everyone is trained to interpret.

You don’t believe Intel, that is your prerogative. Naysayers that are not contributing might be consider as provocateurs.


Read :arrow_up:

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Intel is based on probability. It’s not journalism. It’s analysis of information. Please don’t confuse the two.

Understood, got no beef with admins here nor their process, it’s just the article on avio pro that smelled fishy, like the website itself seems to be another one of those “patriot news daily” websites is all

And you can decide to throw the baby out with the bath water if you like. But that’s not what we do here.

There is a Task Force exclusively for EMP. Brief date June 2020

They do detailed briefings on Russian Military Technology I doubt it

And doubt it’s anything near Patriot News Daily.

It’s technically Monday let’s do a patch

BIRD OF PREY #MissionPatch

The Bird of Prey was a highly classified technology demonstrator that first flew at Groom Lake in 1996. Built by a secretive division of McDonnell Douglas (later acquired by Boeing) known as the “Phantom Works,” the aircraft was flown by Boeing pilots Rudy Haug and Joe Felock. Doug Benjamin of the secret Special Projects Flight Test Squadron was the only Air Force pilot to fly the aircraft.
Although the shape of the plane was secret in 1996, the Bird of Prey patch contained an important clue. When Boeing declassified the Bird of Prey’s existence in 2002, it became obvious that the handle of the sword was essentially the same shape as the aircraft. This distinctive sword has since become incorporated into the symbolism of the Special Projects Flight Test Squadron.

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