Also don’t open the door! Watch Greenland Again

Also don’t open the door! Watch Greenland Again

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Where can we find Greenland until it comes out?

Type in Greenland in search, you’ll find it

Frenchies Invest!!!

Hard money going mainstream. You can now buy Gold bars at the grocery store. How long before they catch on to Bitcoin?

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Today in History

Bye bye Best Buy

Is it me or have lots of the radical islam terrorists been wearing nasa clothing in Europe

All of you should have a minimum of 6 months by now, if you’ve been with us since January at least over 1 year and plus ++++ of food stored up

I use gas masks for work and I had to buy new filters recently. Prices have at least doubled since last year

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This is in the worst part of town . Always people stealing. Can’t imagine what its like now. Since the police don’t enforce property crime now. What a joke !

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Hence my immense feeling of SHTF failure. I have to keep reminding myself that we are no longer dealing with individuals who have typical thieving mentality, or motivations driving such behavior like addiction or kleptomania. (Although they’re still in the mix too of course.) But now we have to factor in desperation of individuals who are willing to work, but can’t find any as companies scale down, move out of fold altogether. And then we have the individuals who have been indoctrinated by the beliefs of civic leaders, politicians, professors, athletes and entertainers, that some people just don’t deserve what they have because of their skin color and status, and it’s ok to just take it from them, because it is owed to you anyhow.

China passes biosecurity law to prevent infectious diseases


:point_up_2: don’t panic this is just 1 source. But if we see more I’d get worried. Throw all ur shit in Faraday just in case imo.

Yes please TUIT

The more info the better!

The Royal Navy is Testing Jet Pack Assault Teams | SOFREP

Jetpack Inventor Goes Zipping Between Royal Navy Boats In Open Water Tests

“Gravity Industries”

Video shows Royal Navy using flying Iron Man-style jet suits as they practise storming enemy ships

This is a quick rundown on VPN’s for those in Thailand, or anywhere. I will show you how to shop for them as a monthly/annual service, or how you could spin up your own VPN server say in an Amazon AWS cloud instance, or a VPN server running on any old PC stashed anywhere on the planet. It will cover VPN clients running on mobile devices and PC/Macs/Linux machines and as a special bonus touch, how to run VPN on your home router so that you can VPN your entire home/office.

Eam “test” starting, there will be a lot. We should watch Janet’s for this

First I should say what VPN does and doesn’t do. VPN is not a panacea for anonymous communications and security online. It simply replaces the trust you place in your internet provider and proxies the metadata associated with that to the VPN provider.

What are you trusting over to the ISP? Well, yes, you IP address. But that’s not all. You are also providing them with every website you hit up, every app network request to all servers you hit online. How? Well, most people never bother to change the default DNS servers on their router, so the default DNS servers are the ISP’s and they can log those DNS requests, tied to your IP address. Could they make money selling that metadata to ad brokers? Why yes they could, quite a lot of it. Do they? I don’t know, but you don’t want to use their DNS. You can change in manually on your devices or home/office firewall, or you can use a VPN service to use THEIR DNS servers, not the ISP’s.

Long and short of it, you are trading trust in the ISP for trust in the VPN provider.

Going offline tonight too I’m spooked lol

Which brings us to, how to choose? Basically, it’s price, trust, and speed. Price is obvious, but it should be the least of your concern, they are all really cheap. Even Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, has a VPN service now. Trust is a big one, typically you like to see that the company operates in a funny place like the Caribbean or Switzerland, which has no laws saying that VPN providers must hand over customer data to the government. The USA has those laws. So sorry, no USA based providers. Performance, this is a trick one, because YMMV, and you really just have to try them out. Protonmail VPN, which is very popular and in a good jurisdiction, doesn’t really perform that well, something like 10mbps. In the few I’ve tried I only have gotten 30mbps, which is actually fine if it’s just a few people browsing at your place. There are reviews which do mention download and upload mbps speeds.

I guess a 4th buying point is ease of apps available, and finally, the number of servers around the world they have. Like, can I get into India or China to watch TV shows, if that’s your thing.