all the blue flights within the blue corridors are still inbound to London currently from everywhere volume is 3 times normal

Hm. Why? London?

protection , safe harbor , exodus or war…

Ok real quick does the world have the ability to manipulate blood sugar using WiFi and the magnetic field the body is electric after all.

I very strongly suggest , stock up on food and water and have bugout bags ready, things over the next few weeks might get stranger than you’ve ever seen…

What are Blue flights?

flights leaving and flight heading into uk still in air


Thank you. Wish I could see more data…im intrigued. Pattern recognition would bring greater clarity on The Who, what and Why.

Emirates is swarmed as well. Wonder their avg numbers. Thinking of “peace deal” struck earlier by Trump, curious how they factor in staging towards Iran.

Smokescreen? They have Chinese troops there.

Gut says yes

Uh Yeah. Definitely one of the greatest actors in politics. Guy plays his role like Fucking Leo DiCap.

Canada… what are you up to? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

the deeper dive can be done , routes etc everything is logged …will not give you manifest or in some cases numbers of flights etc etc

Under TTP deal I think he has no choice. I could be wrong

Damn. Just read through all Gordon’s posts.

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Roger thanks.

Ass covering time, Remember he allowed Chinese Troops into Vancouver

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Watch the video :confused:. He dodges the question, and is visibly uncomfortable.

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