all flights around the world right now

all flights around the world right now

⤺ reposted by @0xzXZTn from Rationing begins: 🇮🇹 According to the Italian emergency regulations, only food can be sold on Saturday(s) and Sunday(s).

Pretty busy here in the US

Artificial scarcity?

:israel: Young woman who returned from abroad was arrested while shopping in Tel Aviv, violating her quarantine.

create buying panick


ya that’s a big problem

It’s a Problem and PEOPLE ARE NOT THINKING!!!

The President showing us his coronavirus-free 100% African elbow greeting

let’s just go back to the “Sup Nod”

With all the screening delays at airports, congrats, we just made our own Chinese New Year’s superspreader event. We just fucked it all to hell

worst time to be travelling.

Omg the airports! What is wrong with people

Legionnaire’s disease in every airport in america today basically. Great job TSA

Ok let’s see what’s up with Iran

Lol yes

TSA agents testing positive. Which means they could be passing that onto others as they travel :man_facepalming:t2:

:red_circle: شیخ حسن روحانی میگه قرنطینه نداریم! این وضعیت جلفای اصفهانه دم عیدی!

:red_circle: Sheikh Hassan Rouhani says we have no quarantine! This is the situation of Jolfa Esfahan’s Eid tail!

Well, Esselunga sold about 250% average Christmas time spending

Well at least west world is on tonight I need a distraction :heart_eyes: