Alice Cooper - Schools Out

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:red_circle: مشتریان بانک ها برای مقابله با ویروس کرونا چه نکاتی را باید رعایت کنند؟

What should bank customers do to fight the corona virus?

#中共國 又一對夫妻雙雙跳樓視頻,具體我因為剛才有突發情況,我不清楚。:bangbang::bangbang::pray::pray::pray:

中共 国 Another video of a couple jumping up and down the building. I do n’t know the specific situation because of an emergency. ! :bangbang: :pray::pray::pray:

:warning::warning:膽小勿點 :bangbang::bangbang::rotating_light:畫面血腥疫情期间发生的血案:bangbang:

:warning::warning: Don’t be timid​:bangbang: :bangbang: :rotating_light:Screenshot of a bloody case during a bloody epidemic​:bangbang:

Getting silly now, I struggle to believe half these new videos.

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I heard he died?

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