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:airplane: #Air_crashes
:ru: The Russian Su-30SM fighter from the Khotilovo airbase, which crashed in Tver region… was shot down by its own Su-35S fighter from an aircraft cannon, because personnel with negligently forgot to remove the ammunition
According to plan, Su-35 was supposed to photograph the pursued aircraft by camera after approaching the target. Instead, however, he fired a shot from an air cannon.

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:ru: Российский истребитель Су-30СМ с авиабазы Хотилово, разбившийся в Тверской области… был сбит своим же истребителем Су-35С из авиационной пушки, боекомплект которой по халатности забыли снять перед отработкой ближнего боя.
По плану Су-35 должен был заснять преследуемый самолет из фотокамеры после захода на цель. Однако вместо этого он произвел выстрел из авиапушки.

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With such army, and enemies not need :cry:


I’m glad the pilot is still alive

This is Art Washington.

Watch him poor his heart out after having his business destroyed in the 1992 LA riots.

We pray for everyone impacted by this destruction in 2020

Yes, this is the main
Now they all face judgment

BLM shouts at Louisville police: “All y’all get ready to fucking die!”

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Tom Cruise is officially going to space for his next movie


Ugh why do they keep casting him :roll_eyes:

Fair assessment that Louisville will be extremely chaotic this weekend

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Not cool if true Harry, I mean a lot of Veterans respect him for fighting in Afghanistan but still he should know better and remain Apolitical

Jeff Bezos Announces The First Bezos Academy, A Free Preschool For Students From Low-Income Families

Breonna Taylor Case

5 officers walk
1 officer indicted on a small charge for shooting into a neighboring apartment

No charges of murder or manslaughter

Conflict Observer on September 20, 2020:
— “A typical Sunday. The column of Belarusian BTR-70MB1 heading towards the Palace of Independence in Minsk.”

Наблюдатель за конфликтами 20 сентября 2020 г .:

Conflict Observer on September 20, 2020:
— “The area of the Palace of the Republic in Minsk.”
Наблюдатель за конфликтами 20 сентября 2020 г .:

NASA serves up a breathtaking view of a shadow cast on Jupiter

The hell is going on over on Jupiter it’s 1952 all over

Unarmored “motor rifle” light infantry is somewhat common in Russian doctrine

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