[Advocate Healthcare - Northern Illinois] No N95s, impossible rules

Where: Advocate Healthcare, Northern Illinois, USA
Report: Staff members are provided with one surgical mask (not N95) to use until it breaks, becomes wet, or becomes “visibly soiled.” This is not one mask a day, this is one mask, period. Masks were to be kept in a paper bag with employee name on it and kept on the unit, yet employees are told to wear masks at all times when in the building – this is impossible if you leave your mask at work. Must ask management for a new mask. Employees were “not approved” to wear cloth masks at this time. This happened (below) but we now face “disciplinary action” if we remove our masks.

What are people thinking ?! Wasn’t there just an issued statistics graph about how the outside of masks gets the most infected from breathing in the particles that get trapped on the outside ? We’re fighting a contagion that isn’t visible ? There no telling if it’s soiled till it’s too late ! We need to be taking intelligent preventative measures which means using foresight against these suggested ‘rules’