Adopting this immediately

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Adopting this immediately


I am going to be so damn healthy by the time this passes. Lol.

A man of culture came up with this. Dune

Yaaaaaaaas Dune Chronicles fiesta!

Jaja good! :joy:

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Omg AZ stupid … The isn’t the spread rate RO like 4x more than regular flu? This public health official just said we can expect to get the same number of cases as regular flu… 28k… more like 28kx4… So freaking pissed they keep trying to keep the public calm… wtf.

Any advice on CBD oil drops? Will it help fight the virus?

nice! im not that well set yet. Which of all that should I get first?

I’ve read articles in here… the tocotrienols in vit. E… and NAC +c is great for immune and lungs. Oregano immune, c for immune and cells, spirulina and Chlorella cell health and immune… I will look for the article

This is from Gail Clayton on another group posted this: Hey guys, I am a Pharmacist, and also have a MS in Nutrition and a PhD in Clinical Nutrition. I teach biochemistry in the University. This is how you can beat this virus: Take tocotrienols and NAC + Vit C to help protect your cell membranes (also glutathione if you can afford it). If you get the virus these things can prevent the virus from getting into the cell and replicate: Spirulina 4 capsules 4 x per day and AHCC (active hexose correlated compound) - the brand I use is ImmunoKinoko - if your immune system is poor take it twice daily now. If you get sick double the dose. Also add niacinamide if you get sick as it will help prevent an overabundance of neutrophils from entering the tissue causing tissue damage at the lung lining. And for goodness sake - quit eating crap - fast food, soda, candy, sugar, processed foods! Those things damage your cell membranes and your immune system. I have a full protocol if interested I’m happy to share.

…I want to stress how important the diet is and how it relates to how this virus kills you. Your immune system will make excess amounts of a cytokine called TGF BETA - it’s supposed to help resolve inflammation, but when the immune system is on very high alert, then too much of this cytokine is release to help control the immune response. Too much causes fibrosis and scarring. To make TGF Beta, you need short chain fatty acids that is made in the colon from guess what? STARCH, GRAINS, SEEDS, and other resistant starches. Some people already have fibrotic conditions. You want to lower TGF Beta by cutting out the food supply needed to make it the grains! This is the biggest thing you can do to prevent FIBROSIS AND SCARRING of the lungs.


Fucking GOLD

Regularly occuring in our region. Gtfo.

Basically no update for 24 hoursin QLD Australia information that isn’t suppressed is a trickle. I imagine there’s well over 100 confirmed here by now, we have more and more all over the country each day.