Absolute dog is good idea. They have senses we do not and awareness we do not have and they are loyal and trainable. Get yourself a good rottweiler

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Absolute dog is good idea. They have senses we do not and awareness we do not have and they are loyal and trainable. Get yourself a good rottweiler

Absolutely yes!! dogs are amazing loyal, bright and cheerful, they protect, guard, hunt, detect dangers before they come, detect false people, can understand your language and much more

As of breed, it doesn’t matter that much I think, as far as they are clever. I have streeters and a xoloizcuintle (hairless Mexican dog) and they’re all brilliant.
One of my streeters jumps up to 5 feet vertical barriers, and I never thought her

Yes. And any other animal you can befriend. I have known some cats that are not cats.

Dogs can be a great alarm but it works both ways.

Imo dogs are AMAZING. A well trained dog will police your borders periodically and keep away any predators from livestock you may be raising.

Conversely I’ve had dogs that like to explore and have found their way into trouble with neighbours farms.

Doggos great for morale, for early warning of creatures/passersby/intruders, good nannies for young ones, can be assets in herding and hunting…
They do require food which is something to stock or be able to prepare and ration…
Best breed is likely a mix of a smarts, size (50-100 lbs better than bigger for food efficiency), and working traits as purebreds are more prone to health issues/allergies…
I would choose something like a Belgian/Aussie shepherd/Hound mix, wiener dogs need not apply

A poorly trained dog is sadly a hazard.

If I were defending my home, yes. Great for alarm, deterrence, and defense. Medium size, higher energy dog. Mut Border collie or Shepherd mix. My understanding is pure bred tends to have more issues than muts.

Roaming, then no. I would be able to travel quieter on less resources without the dog. Maybe a Boston Dynamics dog would do. :sweat_smile:

I remember a buddy of mine has two medium size dogs, but his doorbell camera is programmed to ring with viscous dogs barking, so that’s a good alternative to act as a deterrent.

A network of dogs could be a real thing.

Sans postal system.

Or ham.

I would say a Labrador retriever or German shepherd… they are smart, adaptable dogs, save for the hip dysplasia GS can exhibit. Dogs can smell gases or things we cannot sense… the dog would need proper training or it would become a liability in my opinion. A smart, well-trained dog is an asset. They can alert you to predators as well, and even help you defend yourself of need be. They can fit into small spaces and help with hunting. However, them alerting you could be a potential problem if they also alert your enemy. So as said before, properly training them is key… perhaps get them to alert you without barking.

Agree with everything said thus far. I’d stay away from a yappy dog in case you need to keep a low profile. My dog barks when it needs to, and is smart enough to know when that is.

Also, just on the topic of dogs I believe you can adopt retired police dogs that need to go to a good home. They are trained to defend so consider picking one of them up if you decide to go the dog route.

The company alone 8s worth it

Books have been written about humans and dogs working together in our deep past to take down large prey. Out of necessity. Think mega fauna.

Breed would be German Shepard for last facts


Tried an true

I would also add that a dog can help with small chores as well… again, depends on training

Only good pic I have for opsec
Belgian Mal and Anatolian Shepard…
So yes

Yep, dog’s evolution is linked to ours. We both learn from each other