Abit odd have had this occur on multiple channels

Abit odd have had this occur on multiple channels

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What region are you, without giving away your location





Shijiazhuang closed the city.

Seal people up at home. I did that a year ago, and I came once a year.

:us_outlying_islands:-As the Joint Session of Congress was suspended to debate Republican objections to the counting of Arizona’s electoral votes, one of VP Mike Pence’s military aides carrying his duplicate nuclear “Football” could be seen trailing him through Statuary Hall back to the Senate.

:iran:-An underground base of anti-ship missiles was opened in Iran today.

with Israeli and US flag on the floor

:us: ФБР пообещало до 50 000 долларов за информацию о людях, установивших две самодельные бомбы в Конгрессе США во время захвата здания сторонниками Трампа.

Тогда взрывные устройства также установили в штаб-квартирах и республиканцев, и демократов. Однако они были быстро обнаружены и обезврежены.

:us: The FBI has pledged up to $ 50,000 for information on the people who planted two homemade bombs in the US Congress during the takeover by Trump supporters.

Then explosive devices were also installed in the headquarters of both Republicans and Democrats. However, they were quickly found and neutralized.

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