A ray of hope in the coronavirus curve

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This is outdated. We are above the pessimistic curve using official published stats today

Those mothafuckas haven’t seen this yet lol:

Lol ray of hope

I trust the birds :bird: more than the Economist

方倉醫院生活真是豐富多彩:joy::joy::joy: The life of Fangcang Hospital is really colorful.:skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

Dance till you drop

@gphummer Pop quiz who wrote that caption


Or Anti CCP

Their last days alive

The skull and crossbones would imply anti to me

But I’ve always found it difficult to divine the oriental psyche


中共的英雄,人們景仰不起。懷疑9個月孕婦護士仍然值守抗疫一些,護士敬業可敬,但是,本能第一反應應該是讓護士回家,而不是消費護士及其未出世嬰兒的風險。習近平連武漢都不敢去,憑什麼讓9個月孕婦頂班?The hero of the CCP, people can not admire. It is suspected that the 9-month pregnant nurse is still on duty to fight the epidemic, and the nurse is respectable, but the first reaction of instinct should be to bring the nurse home, not the risk of consuming the nurse and her unborn baby. Xi Jinping didn’t even dare to go to Wuhan. Why did 9 month pregnant women go to work?