A one on one special about Subterranean warfare with Maj. (Ret) John Spencer and CSM (Ret) Joe Vega

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:arrow_up:Take notice how they avoid certain topics regarding the real reason for Subterranean Warfare Operations, They can blame North Korea etc for future operations etc. but we all know the truth.

Midnight Meat Train / The Descent / Gears of War / Skinwalkers / Mole People / Rakes / HG Wells “A Time Machine” / Jules Verne “Journey To The Center of The Earth” / Pizzagate / Cormac McCarthy “The Road” / GWOHT (Global War On Human Trafficking)

It’s All True

Connect The Dots

old news but interesting at :20 they talk about having them up and running by 2020.

I want you to analyze the true meaning of this scene in Falling Down. by the time D-FENSE has had enough of the bullshit of the White World he is dressed in Black Overalls after becoming a BLACK HAT and is trying to use a M72 LAW to destroy a Construction Site. Notice that the child is better trained in ARMS then William “D-Fens” Foster simply by playing video games. This is a commentary on how the FACTIONS agreed upon the proliferation of Video Games to always have a populace ready to take ARMS. Notice that the heat seeking round went underground the tunnel before reaching it’s target :dart:. This is symbolic of the future Subterranean Wars the current 90s generation is facing in the 2020’s. Everything is hidden in plan site. Remember this was filmed in 1993, and we were preparing the 90s Generation early on for this Invisible War https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OhIdDNtSv0.

And we see it again in Mars Attack

The theme in which the Proliferation of video games to create have a well armed population. Once again we see this time 2 African American taking up arms with no hesitation to fight back.

Both scenes are Black World and give a hint to the horror humanity faces beneath our very own feet.

Not Aliens :alien: literally they’ve been underneath us for 100,000s of years

Anyway the point is as a recruitment technique Video Games have always been used upon the masses for a SHTF scenario for decades.

And to find next generation Wizards :mage:‍♂

Yeah, one of the main characters in star gate ends up on the ship by beating the maze in the game

Are there any that make a clicking type sound? I encountered something in the woods near a cave in the Appalachian Mtns about 2 years ago. It was dark so I didn’t see it but the sound it made was nothing like what I normally hear in the woods at night.

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That’s in the TV show?

Yes, Stargate Universe, the character Eli Wallace (played by David Blue). He wins the hardest video game ever, it restarts and he’s pissed, next thing he knows there’s military knocking on his door talking to his mom, then giving him a position in space. They wipe his mom’s memory I think. He then beans up to the ship and becomes part of the crew. Epic series. My favorite show at that time.

Lol :laughing: that’s one way to do it