A lot more than 5-10 minutes

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A lot more than 5-10 minutes

:raised_hand:t4: 10 minutes my butt.
I would have to see that in writing, because if that was the case, we wouldn’t have the problem we’re having now

If that was true all the hospitals in United States wouldn’t be trying to purchase the N95 mask and they wouldn’t be on back order till April 2020 if a regular mask could work.

A typical hepa filter would work

Or p3 filters used in pressurized cabines, used in excavators and such

Half the stuff in that post isn’t true, so it’s extremely discredited. :x:

Some student going to study the Wuhan virus. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Good job 4214 views on Bitchute

Nice job team

Being half true is better than not being true at all.

The post should be taken down before someone believes that their hands are safe after 10 minutes and they could touch their face, and that they could use a regular facemask. :x:

How do you know any of it’s true! Since half of it’s not

We have to do our own due diligence, we can’t just believe a random post

Washing hands should obviously be effective…

Sun light and UV rays are powerful disinfectants

If washing hands were effective 1700 healthcare workers wouldn’t be infected

And we know that’s a low number

Rem 1700 health care workers could have been infected by people deliberately spreading it

Yep, check philips tl-d uv-c tl’s, fairly costeffective

Also human error plays a role

I’m out. I can’t do this conspiracy theory bullshit


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