🔥🇨🇳 A #Huawei research laboratory burns in Dongguan

:fire::cn: A #Huawei research laboratory burns in Dongguan

:fire::cn: Горит исследовательская лаборатория #Huawei в Дунгуане

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holy fuck!

Air gapped and designed from ground up. Bitcoin wallet.


نیروی دلتا (نیروهای ویژه نیروی زمینی آمریکا) در پوشش زن و شوهر عراقی!


Delta Force (US Army Special Forces) in the guise of an Iraqi couple!

California fire threatens cannabis farms worth millions - Los Angeles Times

4 Wounded In “Meat Cleaver” Attack Near Site Of 2015 Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Пока у нас запретили ВК, Дуров наносит ответный удар: Телеграм приболел и выдал массовый сбой.

While VK was banned here, Durov strikes back: Telegram got sick and issued a massive failure.



The Air Force Special Projects Office was also the “A” Division of the National Reconnaissance Office, based at Los Angeles Air Force Base in California. The organization was charged with overseeing all Air Force satellite intelligence programs.





Charlie Hebdo: Four injured in knife attack near its former offices

I got some ideas but I didn’t want to spoil anything

Sator Saturn Cronos Kronos - time

Tenet is about cycles? Time is a flat circle

And Iraq I think

That’s what I thought. So he is stepping up as a patriot now and infiltrating the left’s terrorist groups? Well, I’m all for it, if it’s for the right reasons!

A lot of those sorts of guys are good people

They aren’t just in it for the money sometimes

But they get funded by dark ops, and aren’t restrained by any Constitional or military laws, being on the private side. Though, if acting on American soil, Constitional Laws will apply. I hope they get some real solid patriotic work done! I will root them on!

I think those very kind of guys…ex marines and seals…are the very ones that need to step up right now.

The rest of us will have to back them up!

I agree

They know what they are doing after all

Some of them their job is to train insurgencies

Never give up your guns

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