A friend got the “flu” last Thursday.

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A friend got the “flu” last Thursday. Feeling better today with a couple leftover sniffles and coughs. They live with roommates in California and just got home from a trip to the Bay Area. Who is informed on the latest on how long they should quarantine? Can’t find this on google.

Regular media will day up to 14 days but someone in here said 21 . (Please anyone correct me if wrong)

This is 14 from onset of symptoms? I thought the 14/21 numbers were applicable to number of days to quarantine once possible exposure is detected (I.e. incubation period to wait and see if symptoms develop)

It’s north of 20 days now but they have symptoms so that’s different

Yeah. How long to quarantine from onset of symptoms… info is nonexistent on google

No one knows it’s clear “the pros” don’t know what they are doing or dealing with

No, I was regurgitating if no symptoms. I don’t know the answer for symptoms

4-6 weeks.

Does anyone have any information about this?

Don’t worry about it

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What’s the reasoning / source for this? This is a hard sell for anyone who is not informed. I’m considering my audience and if I tell them that number they’re not going to do it unless it’s coming from official sources. I wonder what would be a timeframe where it would reasonably be assumed to be non-contagious.

Does anyone know how long people have still tested positive after apparent recovery? Length of time they are being treated in hospitals before being released?

Thank you for your comment

It’s based on viral load so there isn’t a hard and fast rule. They’ve been letting them out at about the 20 day mark but then they have been testing positive again.

A lot of sources are reporting up to 27 days on the max.
Most cases are over within 14 days

Noone knows yet for sure, but those are reported cases

Can I please have the link to this group to send

“Of 710 patients with SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia, 52 critically ill adult patients were included. The mean age of the 52 patients was 59·7 (SD 13·3) years, 35 (67%) were men, 21 (40%) had chronic illness, 51 (98%) had fever. 32 (61·5%) patients had died at 28 days, and the median duration from admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) to death was 7 (IQR 3–11) days for non-survivors. Compared with survivors, non-survivors were older (64·6 years [11·2] vs 51·9 years [12·9]), more likely to develop ARDS (26 [81%] patients vs 9 [45%] patients), and more likely to receive mechanical ventilation (30 [94%] patients vs 7 [35%] patients), either invasively or non-invasively. Most patients had organ function damage, including 35 (67%) with ARDS, 15 (29%) with acute kidney injury, 12 (23%) with cardiac injury, 15 (29%) with liver dysfunction, and one (2%) with pneumothorax. 37 (71%) patients required mechanical ventilation. Hospital-acquired infection occurred in seven (13·5%) patients.”

I never noticed. I’ll check that up