A friend from Italy sent.

Подруга из Италии прислала.

A friend from Italy sent.

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I’ve started making this “deaths on video” chart as an experiment. If it looks useful let’s finish it together

That must of taken forever

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A cretin

:saudi_arabia: All of Saudi Arabia’s coronavirus measures announced today:

  • Qatif in Eastern Province on lockdown
  • All schools and universities across the kingdom closed until further notice
  • Travel ban to Egypt :egypt: UAE :united_arab_emirates: Kuwait :kuwait: Bahrain :bahrain: Iraq :iraq: Lebanon :lebanon: Syria :syria:.

:oil_drum: Oil prices plunge by 30%, the biggest fall since 1991.

:oil_drum:Oil prices fall to $30.

:money_with_wings: Dow Jones Futures at -4%.

:finland: President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö urges people to take official instructions seriously and avoid unnecessary travel, gatherings and visits. The president reminded people to be especially vigilant following travel to affected areas, as almost every infection has been acquired abroad. He further stressed that the incubation period of the virus may still cause surprises.

:lebanon: – A Lebanese priest tested positive to Coronavirius after he returned to Lebanon from a visit to France.

– The only untraced case of Coronavirius infection is someone in Al Karam family. He has infected his family too.

:stop_sign: Regarding the questioning of official numbers this is a sane response to that:

We are simply just speculating with no evidence to prove or challenge the main official story. These baseless speculations led to what we now as politicized disinformation campaigns. We normalized assumptions and we should not. If the numbers aren’t true someone would have leaked something already. Focus less on that, and now focus on preventive measures in your communities.

:portugal: Portuguese president to be quarantined for 2 weeks.

He was in contact with a confirmed case.

:iran: Iran’s confirmed COVID-19 infection cases is now 6,566 with a death toll of 194 killed. In the last 24 hours there have been 743 new cases and 49 new deaths.

:us: 1,000 passengers from cruise ship languishing off coast of San Francisco to quarantine at 2 military bases in California: HHS

:palestinian_territories:Hebron, Palestine.

if You still think there is no danger in US check this here I doubt about Trump body language and check comments and views if You have linkedin like it to go to more people

I want to open mind of those people because they can make a change I wish :slight_smile:

:it: Milan, Italy.

Not all are corrupted I wish :slight_smile:

:palestinian_territories:Hebron, Palestine.

I hated that merit badge so much

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wtf doesnt a hole defeat the purpose

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