A challenger appears!!!


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A challenger appears!!!

Princeton Math Prof Dares To Challenge University’s “Systemic Racism” Narrative

Klainerman also criticized critical race theory, saying it is “opposed to the type of color-blindness envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., rejects the principle of judging people based on achievement and promise, and is hostile to academic freedom—all of which are critical ingredients at the heart of the mission of the modern university.”

Now math is gonna be racist

Professor Klainerman is right for supporting Color-blindness Meritocracy envisioned by Dr. King

We stand by him and the others in STEMs

Fuck Critical Race Theory and Anti-Science and Anti-Meritocracy movement’s and sentimentality

It’s already Racist remember me showing you the Cancel Math movement’s

Coming out of Portland

I give up…

This is fuck retarded!!!

Now you have the left attacking STEM

Easy to dismiss whole movement as a joke that no one would take seriously — but you’d be dead wrong, just like the 5g=corona conspiracies looked like just a joke that no one would believe at first, but this one is going to end up 1000x bigger.

First they came for statues

Now they are coming for our Calculus textbooks

Take note :memo: this is how you enter into a Dark Age

Seattle was the where this “math is racist“, “all whites are racist”, “meritocracy is racist” movement first took off

Fully endorsed by Seattle schools

We need to take a look at the War in Academia currently going on and the war on Science Technology Engineering and Math which is being attached by this bullshit Woke and Cancel Culture

The Mass Media is ignoring it

But I won’t let us fall for it


It’s just like all of the best conspiracy theories —
Very legit concerns on the surface, in the beginning,
Then as you go deeper into it, switching to
“rewarding based on merit is evil”,
“scientists = white supremacists”
“using science = white supremacy”
“endorsing science = white supremacy”

Fucking Black Hats ( Reds)

Where did I see this before

At a point, people may and should say “fuck it i am racist” if that would be the attitude towards science…


Had no idea he was a climate scientist as well as a medical doctor. Huh

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