A car brigade shields about 200 protestors who are now marching on 4th and Olive downtown. #seattleprotests #BlackLivesMatter

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A car brigade shields about 200 protestors who are now marching on 4th and Olive downtown. #seattleprotests #BlackLivesMatter


The discovery, detailed in “Colloidal Diamond,” appearing in the September 24 issue of Nature, could open the door to highly efficient optical circuits leading to advances in optical computers and lasers, light filters that are more reliable and cheaper to produce than ever before, and much more.

Colloidal diamond | Nature


For Disclosure

Ring’s latest security camera is a drone that flies around inside your house - The Verge

Flying camera go brrrrrr

:fire::nigeria: In #Nigeria yesterday morning there was a terrible accident - the driver of a fuel tanker lost control and crashed into another tanker and several cars in front of a gas station on a busy road in Lokoja, in the center of the country

:fire::nigeria: Вчера утром в Нигерии произошла жуткая авария —водитель бензовоза не справился с управлением и и врезался в другой танкер и несколько легковушек напротив автозаправочной станции на оживленной дороге в Локодже, в центре страны

:fire: At least 28 people were killed when a gas tanker exploded in the central Nigerian state of Kogi, including 9 children
#Nigeria #explosion

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:fire: В результате взрыва в Нигерии погибло по меньшей мере 28 человек, среди них 9 детей
#Нигерия #взрыв


:arrow_up: In fact, as they write, this figure must be by x 2

Pay attention

Well it’s finally in the open the divide and conquered mentioned months ago among brass and rank

This is what happens when you realize you are not included in lifeboats

Old leadership refused to change and didn’t embrace tech. In order to survive you must “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn”

Read the whole list, and counted close to 100 generals. All retired which means, stubborn, holding to their fax machines and more importantly… NO CLEARANCE!!!

If they still carry their clearance they know their name is forbidden to endorse anything political.

wow that list

Also another you should take notice!!!

The list is in Alphabetical order, very few USAF

I count only 13 from the list of 489,

1 General and 12 civilians.

If this does not get your ass off to keep preparing and get HAM Radio license I don’t know what else you need.

Try to imagine what the exact opposite list looks like. Filled with Military Personnel’s with Higher Security Clearances, a Willing to adapt and relearn, pro Meritocracy and not political.

UFO in China

Not even former POTUS have clearance to certain projects

See how USAF stayed far away from it

The few that signed it are over 70 years old

Japanese giant Gundam robot shows off its moves - CNN

Big hint lol :arrow_up:

Veterans will see same cost-of-living boost in 2021 as Social Security beneficiaries

China’s Chang’e-4 lunar probe completes 22nd lunar day with latest findings

Asteroid comes closer to Earth than many communications satellites orbit

NASA chief warns Congress about Chinese space station

Seven military ballots cast for Trump found discarded in Pennsylvania | TheHill

REMINDER: vote in person or drop off ballots day of election at your main polling office for your city or county. Regardless of who or what party you vote for, all American citizens deserve up to have their votes counted!

Lol yep.

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