82 People Sickened By Flu On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Out Of Baltimore, No Cases Of Coronavirus

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This is why there is so much stupidity. They keep saying flu, but then won’t do testing. US is covering up by non-action

When are people going to realize cruises are Petri dishes?!

Fight fight!!! On a cruise

Also this is that LGA->ATL flight

Aries last three posts ^^^

They may have tested for the actual flu which is easy to confirm.

People come here searching for knowledge/answers because the media is not doing the right thing

@Woken77 it’s a conspiracy theory Rabbit Hole :hole: I don’t believe in it being connected with Cornavirus

You should be more Patient

I’ve said it before

I don’t blame the public, it’s just that society is going/getting away from Math and Science as a whole. So what takes place of that absence/hole is disinformation. So one has to have patience.

Thankyou Aries if I wasn’t open to learning I would not have asked the question.

Why is it so empty??

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