6 months of supplies

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Hellz yes ill start savinf them all and adding to one

Aries whats ur list?? Lol

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I got good news and bad news. The good news is that I lowered my estimate of percentage of Hubei’s population that is infected down to around 2%. The bad news is that the official mortality rate is around 4%. So that means at the very least, there’s 46,000 dead, and 1.3 million infections in China. If the rest of China goes like Hubei, it’s TBD, then 1 million will die in China. Worldwide deaths could work out to be anywhere from that 1 million base number to 6 million. This is greatly down from my previous worldwide max death total of 34 million, but it is still enormous. There is nothing to suggest it can’t reach tens of millions and the WHO has openly speculated that it could reach 60% of the world population, meaning 300 million dead at 4% mortality rate.

I believe the official numbers are underreporting by a factor of 17.29

Most believe it’s underreported by 10x

thank you for all your hard work :pray::pray:

The usual. Laser on the moon pointed at Earth, Volcanic Lair, Meow :smile_cat: Mix, Clone 1/8 the size of me, sharks :shark: with laser beams on their frickin head.

@ash_ko the essentials