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Very well delivered article.

Hey guys how much for example of different items are god for 6 months, for example to quantify that more visually, how many tubes of toothpaste for one person for 6months to 1 year, how many different containers of hydrogen peroxide, how many boxes of gloves, etc

Oy vey… Depends on how much toothpaste you use when you brush your teeth and how many times per day you brush!!! With some things you gotta just wing it…

You can’t buy too much in a case like this ! It’s unprecedented in modern times !

How many rolls of duct tape? We should collaborate on this . People might have different ideas of what’s enough . Some might underestimate

Duct tape has so many uses it’s unreal . So 10 ?

Opinions on whether the virus will get better or worse in a few months?

Just go to Costco and do some Adulting

Just ten? I’m here lol

I went to Costco now I’m at Walmart

Worse I’m betting !

How about this: think about how
Much duct tape you currently use per year and double it

I hardly use duct tape

It’s just me and my mom

Then perhaps, focus on olive oil instead

Why olive oil ?

Like as something to trade?

I just mean something that you might use more than duct tape

I use a lot of olive oil every day


I use duct tape just a few times a year

Is a brita filter enough? Or should I get something better