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Don’t go full on scare face I love it :heart_eyes_cat: great article so far

I keep thinking going out for fast food is not a good idea because you have no idea who’s serving the food.

We are done going anywhere we don’t have to

I agree

Shit I need to order more food fml…

Its a good thing i bought a couple cases of military MREs

I hope your digestive system is accustomed to MREs Kenneth

Store what you eat, eat what you store. Make that a normal habit, to have a deep pantry.

Here in Argentina, the situation is of toral disinformation

Invite as many as you can

We don’t lie about the gravity of the situation to maintain the power of the petrodollar or yuan

Anyone knows what this means?

on the tailgate it said Emergency Management in all caps

Biohazard unit

In the US most larger cities, and states will have official “emergency management” departments. For hurricanes, fires etc

#讀者投稿 武漢夜市一個晚上就被端了,武漢人買個菜太難了。

#Readers’ contribution The Wuhan Night Market was taken overnight, and it was too difficult for Wuhan people to buy a dish.


I’m in the middle of bumfuck no where

Get ready

That’s the point vehicles like that we don’t see that anymore

At all tbh

Im ex military.

I live in the poorest county in my state which is VA

Then you know the fun you are in for…