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⤺ reposted by @derekm00r3 from When the WHO investigation report to China was translated into Chinese and published, the most important sentence was "inadvertently" omitted: "Redesvir in the United States is the only effective drug for the treatment of new coronaviruses."

Also research contact and droplet PPE

I bought me some full on respirators today…

Thanks for all the info, everyone!

don’t forget to buy some filters for it
(not included in the box)

this seems to have things in stock

Lol that’s a good one

Does anyone know if Texas is going to be under lock down?

Thanks for the link

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Yep - got those too!!

How many filters?

Consider buying the 3M 502 filter adapters too. They allow you to use the N95 pads without the bulky filter cans( they don’t work against the virus anyway).

How much did you pay for the N95 filter pads? I assume you got the 5N11?

need to buy spares of those adapters, though. they tend to get loose after few prefilter change cycles

shoot. Didn’t know that. The filters are very expensive now in china though (~14 usd for a 10 pack box). I’m debating whether to buy now or wait till the supply ramp up later. I still have ~60 n95 facemasks per person in my household.

kinda cheaper to get dedicated particulate filters imo

I just checked the US Amazon it seems the 5n11 is sold out. They still have 5p71 which is p95 rated at 18 usd/10pack.

check for 2091, 2097, 7093, or 7093C

Thanks. It seems that 2071 is a good choice. P95 rating. They still have it in stock in 100pack.


:joy::joy: hide the pain Harold

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