3 in Italy from yesterday..

⤺ reposted by @0xojbHr from 1400 aboard with Coronavirus Symptoms! Turned away from 3 Ports!

3 in Italy from yesterday…

People laugh at me when I tell them there is prob 250 million infects in China

Def over 10,000 dead and I think waaaaaay more

Any other Sources for cruise ship being turned away ?

USA Today just said that… you can find at the end of this news…they denied to enter in the port because they stopped in countries with confirmed coronavirus cases but nothing about 1400 passenger with symptoms…

Passengers are not being able to get off the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship, Anthem of the Seas in Bayonne, NJ as more than 20 sick Chinese nationals have been picked up in ambulances and are being tested for coronavirus.

Whats this?

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