2120 will be the same

2120 will be the same

⤺ reposted by @lolygagv2 from Man with genuine concerns about Coronavirus is literally dragged out of newcross hospital for simply asking to be tested for the virus. Hmm 🤔

Are you suggesting this is like an intelligence entity/humans doing this? Or just cyclical nature of our societies

Ask me in 2120

New York and London have had very different responses to the coronavirus crisis that has gripped Europe and the US in recent weeks. Mayor Bill de Blasio put most of the Big Apple on lockdown while in London shops and bars are still open while commuters are still catching the tube to work - all-be-it in reduced numbers. While there are differences in the make up of the cities - New York includes densely populated Manhattan Island, and sprawling London covers twice as many square miles - the varying approaches have raised questions about who has got the response right. The Big Apple and its five boroughs, with some 8.6 million residents, has a similar population to London’s 8.8 million inhabitants. But New York City covers around half the area of Britain’s capital, taking up 302.6 square miles to London’s 607 square miles - therefore making social distancing harder over a more densely populated area.

Mamila Mall next to old city Jerusalem underground parking is being turned into a hospital.

@threeletteragent make part 3 under anonymous

apologies, not understand?